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Travels in Turkey

February 2, 2012

From → Turkey

  1. john stonier permalink

    Hi Rose and Brian,Your website is v nice.I have a 14m ketch that is currently on Leros in the Dodecanese. Kas looks great, and I am thinking about taking an annual contract may 2012 -2013. Have you had any problem with the winds or swell in the marina, especially over the winter, is it safe ?Also are they negotiable on the pricing shown on their website for the annual contract. Any other advice would be usefulthanks, take carejohn stonier

  2. R Swain permalink

    Recently, during a slightly delirious fever, I dreamt of you and was surprised to find you at the top of the output of a well known search engine. This was too easy, there must be thousands of RS&BV???s around. A photo of what appeared to be a Confucian monk on a bad hair day was not too reassuring. Cross referencing with Brian???s retirement ??? with a reassuring ???voyage on the high seas??? – and an easily recognisable Rose at the helm settled the matter. Indeed a truly splendid adventure ??? in keeping with the spirit of your lives.No doubt you have come across the currently fashionable label of autism and possibly even the popular qualifier ???spectrum disorder???. However, are you aware of ???The Big Bang Theory??? – an American sitcom.While it is possible, I would like to thank you for your kindness and consideration while we were in contact.Lots of Love


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